FEDARENE supports European Energy and Environment Cup & Congress 2019 – energy transition, Šibenik, Croatia

As FEDARENE President, the main European Association of Energy Agencies, I am proud to invite all colleagues and partners in the field of energy transition to this interesting event in Croatia where we will have an opportunity to think and exchange in the most beautiful environment of Croatian sea. Just like we often say “we don’t have to live, but we have to sail together”, we have to talk and work together on switching on clean and sustainable energy.

This unique event will gather experts, policy makers and business leaders like Paul Hodson, Head of the European Commission’s energy efficiency unit; Carsten Beck, Director of Research, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Marc Oman, EU Energy Lead, Google Global Infrastructure and a number of premier European regional and local energy agencies. Across the European Union there are 348 energy agencies, which are a true pioneers of energy transition and some of them are active for more than 40 years. Today European Energy Agencies gather about 2,500 experts, and over 50 of them works in Croatia.

Energy transition is happening now!

Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources are no longer something that is being addressed by a group of enthusiasts, but the imperative of the future which the European Union is aware of.

The EU’s targets, till y2020, in this area, are directed at three levels:

– to reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to y1990 by 20%

– to increase renewable energy share in total energy consumption by 20%

– to reduce energy consumption by 20%

European Energy and Environment Cup & Congress 2019 is dedicated to achieving this goals and to energy transition as the key topic of our close future.

This event is supported by FEDARENE, the European Association of Regions and Regional Energy Agencies based in Brussels.

FEDARENE has more than 80 members, with the number of successful European regions and their energy agencies such as Abruzzo, Andalusia, Berlin, Bucharest, Upper Austria, Ille-de-France, Catalonia, Liguria, Milan, central Finland, Styria and many others. FEDARENE is a regular partner and correspondent to the European Commission and all other European institutions when it comes to the energy transition of regions and cities, encouraging investment in clean energy sources and European co-operation at all levels.

European Energy and Environment Cup & Congress 2019 is happening for the first time in Croatia, and crew members will be representatives of the European Commission, financial institutions, European Energy Agencies, scientists, leading European ESCO companies and entrepreneurs.

This event intends to share knowledge, experience, to provide opportunities for greater and better networking and project consolidation, all for the purpose of energy transition. With this project we want to convey the information, to communicate clearly and loudly that each of us is a participant in the change that energy transition needs to live to the fullest.

So please join us on this great journey and help us make our life greener and cleaner.

Ph.D. Julije Domac, President of FEDARENE

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