[LOCATION SCOPE] St. Nicholas’ Fortress near Šibenik

Once we embark towards our destination at Kornati islands, just a short sail away and after a narrow strait which marks the exit from Šibenik bay towards the open sea, a silent guardian will appear… St. Nicholas’ Fortress is one of the oldest fortresses in Croatia, located in the town of Šibenik.

From 9th of July 2017, the fortress of St. Nicholas, together with Zadar’s defense system, were enrolled in UNESCO World Heritage List along with other fortresses called “Venetian Fortresses from the 15th to the 17th Century”.

It is currently under reconstruction, so a visit won’t be possible, but nevertheless, we shall have a prime photo opportunity once we reach the mouth of the bay, just before we take course towards the Kornati islands.

Photo: HTZ, Ivo Biočina

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